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[icon] Gaelon
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Subject:I wasn't expecting that.
Time:11:31 pm
There have been very few times in my life that I've been utterly speechless. This would be one of them. I really have no idea what to say...
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Subject:Don't ask unless you really want to know.
Time:04:39 am
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated

Both of you can just go fuck yourselves.

As for the latter, you piss me off on some level, and I haven't even figured out why. I'm sure there's a good reason for it, though.

I feel sorry for Black. What he says does make a lot of sense, and I do understand, but as for him trying to talk some sense into me...Well, he'd be better off talking to Archer.

Being so spiteful and yet so aggravatingly self-sacrificing is a combination that really doesn't make any fucking sense.

No, I'm not sure why I'm like this. Don't think that anything's wrong with my head. Nothing that hasn't been wrong for years, anyway.
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Time:09:59 pm
Quite the mess people have gotten themselves into.

You can call me selfish, but I'll only fight the good fight for so long. If things start looking bad and Miko's in too much danger, we're going to leave. Whether she wants to or not.
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Time:11:18 pm
There were a lot of nightclubs in Zaranth. Some of them were populated by a mostly human crowd, those were the more normal ones. Some of them were populated by everything from mages to vampires to werewolves and even an occasional angel. In short, just about anything.

Gaelon tugged his jacket off, walking down a flight of stairs into what looked like a subway entrance. He didn't have any trouble getting by the bouncer at the door, a deceptively thin and pale man who looked as if he couldn't have weighed more than ninty pounds, even counting his heavy velvet coat.

Through the large wooden doors, the sound of music playing loudly was just barely discernable over the general noise from the street. Once they opened, though, the song, which sounded like a mix between techno and some kind of rock, blared loudly. Too loudly for Gaelon's liking, but he was used to it.

The large room was dimly lit from candles and a few electric lights, mostly coming from the bar at the back. It was apparently a busier night than most, most of the tables were occupied and the dance floor, located in the middle of the room, sunken into the floor and surrounded by railing, was crowded.

Gaelon slung his jacket over his shoulder, glancing around. He recognized several people, a few even noted his entrance with a smile or a nod. He used to be a regular at this place, back when S'ten was alive. They hadn't forgotten him over the last year or so...At least no one had yet asked where his vampire cohort was.

Thin trails of smoke drifted up from the floor itself, contributing to the general cloud which hung over the room. Even so, he could pick out a few wispy figures which were lingering among the shadows. Ghosts...they'd had those before.

The elf headed for the back where there was another door. He slipped through the crowd without stopping, managing to avoid a few people who would have tried to stop him, and summarily ignoring someone who "accidentally" bumped into him.

The door opened just as he stepped up to it. A draft of cool air blew out from it, almost too cold for comfort. Gaelon strolled on in.

"My goodness, so the rumors are true after all. 'Tis good to see you back, Gaelon, we were worried," a silky, feminine voice greeted him.

The room was decorated with a medieval style, complete with a few tasteful torture devices. Just for show, of course. Deep burgandy and gold were the predominant colors.

The woman who spoke was lounging on a soft, comfortable couch, a goblet of wine in her hand. She had very long white hair and almost startling crimson eyes, but the smile on her face was strangely not as disturbing. A white snake of some kind stared down at him from an iron chandelier overhead, only moving to flick its tongue out once.

"I heard about what happened," she added, seriously. "So what business brings you here? Come over here and tell me all about it." She patted the couch next to her.

"Nice to see you again, too, Blight," Gaelon set his jacket on a hook next to the door and walked over, not bothering to look up at the snake as he passed the middle of the room. "How did you know I was here on business and didn't come just to enjoy some conversation?

"Tsk, call me Alexis. And I know you too well, that's how," she smiled as he sat down, swirling the wine in her glass. "Well, let's have it."

"I wanted to ask you if you recognized this." Gaelon pushed up the right sleeve of his shirt, revealing the odd symbol. He was started to get annoyed with it, as he couldn't figure it out, and it just didn't...do anything yet. He didn't like to be kept waiting.

Alexis blinked. "Oh, dear. That's Mordecai's symbol. I haven't seen that in years. Why did you tattoo that on your arm?"

"I didn't," Gaelon sighed.


"Yeah, so? Mordecai would be?"

Alexis swirled a finger in her wine, frowning thoughtfully. "He was a demon. Several hundred years ago he was quite a big name around here, but...He was killed by some angel..." She waved her hand absently, "Numiel? Something like that. I couldn't tell you why his symbol would be on your arm at this point in time. Shall I see what I can dig up?"

"Yeah...if you would. I'd like to know if I can just do a purifying spell on myself to get rid of it. I'd rather avoid any unpleasant side effects."

She smiled again. "Of course. So...How long did you plan on visiting tonight?"

"Just a little while..." Gaelon looked back at the door. It was almost midnight, almost time for Miko to be coming around.

"Really?" Alexis looked a bit disappointed.

Gods, he thought, not again. Were things like this only a year ago? Well, yes, they were. He knew that. His relationships were riddled with oddities, and plenty of casual sex. Of course they'd think that he hadn't changed that much...

She reached over, trailing her slender fingers over his neck. "We've all missed having you around. You make things so interesting."

Gaelon did his best to repress a shiver. Damn these vampires...

"Mm...Yes, I'm sure I do...Unfortunately, I really must be going..."

"Oh, fine," she smiled a little, leaning back. "I'll see you later, then. Maybe next time you'll bring your girlfriend?"

Gaelon stood up. "Yeah, maybe."
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Time:11:05 pm
So, I woke up the other day with this odd symbol which looks like it's tattooed onto my arm (feels very cold to the touch). Since I would certainly wake up if someone was trying to tattoo my arm while I was asleep, I can only guess that it's something strange trying to kill me.

I asked Isis about it, and she told me to look around in Zaranth and see who I could find who knows about really old history. As it's been pointed out, Zaranth is a huge city, and it's always been a center for supernatural and magical type things...It's literally thousands of years old, though most of the really old stuff is underground. They say that there's even things underneath the catacombs, but I don't even know any demons who like to go down that far.

So I guess I need to figure this out.

Also, I apparently would make a dark purple moogle with a black pompom. It's still not funny.
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Time:05:06 pm
It wasn't far from the corner that Gaelon and Miko had visited earlier that the same black corvette pulled up to a tall, forboding sort of building. There were no windows visible, just a pair of steel doors, which glinted a bit in the faintly green light from a streetlamp nearby. The cool night air was still, and all was eerily quiet.

The car door opened, and Gaelon stepped out, shoving something into his pocket before shutting the door and strolling up towards the building. His expression was completely set, even, and calm.

Just as he stepped onto the sidewalk, the doors opened outwards, and a tall, slender young man wearing a black suit walked out.

He was just a bit feminine in appearance, especially with his long ash-blond hair which came down a few inches past his shoulders. In addition to the formal suit and a white silk shirt under it, he wore quite a bit of jewelry - a few rings, a necklace, and two sets of earrings.

He watched Gaelon for a moment, then broke out into a charming smile. "Why, look who's come to visit? If it isn't that handsome Draco..." With a swift movement, faster than a human would really be capable of, he stepped closer and pulled Gaelon against him, his smile turning a bit devious.

He froze when he felt cold metal against his neck. A soft click confirmed his suspicions.

"Ah, it really is you," he relaxed, still smiling. "A gun, Gaelon? That's hardly your style. You have too much finesse with more beautiful deadly arts to use such a...crude weapon."

Gaelon merely smiled back at him, a politely tight smile. He did not, however, move the gunpoint from the other man's neck.

"I suppose that depends on your opinion," Gaelon said thoughtfully. "I think that it's a fine little weapon, quite useful, and convenient to use...But I didn't come here to chat about my choice of weapons, Tazael, and you know I'm not going to sleep with you. I came here to take you up on a favor."

"A favor?" Tazael's deep blue eyes turned thoughtful, the sense of a shrewd businessman hiding just behind them. "For such a bold, handsome young elf such as yourself, perhaps...What did you want?"

"You might recall that I happen to have a nice little corvette. Now, that's my car, I've put years of work into it, but until recently I was letting one of my good friends keep it. Now that I want it back, he needs a car. I know that you have several nice ones."

Tazael chuckled. "This? Over a car? Heavens, my dark dragon, I thought you were here to ask for the soul of my firstborn child."

"Nice, but it wouldn't help my friend get around town, now would it?"

"No...of course not. Certainly, certainly. Now, if you will be so kind as to remove the gun from my neck, I'll be happy to see what I can do for you."

Gaelon considered for a long moment before drawing back the gun slowly. "Good. You do owe me one, you sneaky bastard. And call off your snipers, you wouldn't want anything...unfortunate to happen to them."

Tazael calmly waved and stepped back, lacing his fingers together. "Oh, if you insist. It is so hard to find good help these days, after all. So, let me guess...A fast car?"

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Time:03:49 pm
Victor took a long draw on his cigarette and blew out the smoke, peering thoughtfully at Gaelon. Leaning over the rail, peering down at the water, he looked a lot like the old Draco that Victor used to know, but he was different now in a lot of ways. The old him was still there, for the most part, except for something...something that S'ten had taken with him.

The city's main bridge, which connected the east and west sides, was deserted except for the elf, human, and the corvette which was parked nearby. Gaelon was dressed in his usual for the place, his black sleeveless shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans and boots. His hair wasn't pulled back as it usually was, leaving it free to be blown about by the fickle breezes.

He fiddled absently with the silver dragon charm that he wore around his neck as he watched the city lights dancing over the choppy water, something he often did when he was lost in thought.

"God, you just can't stay out of a mess, can you?" Victor's pale amber eyes narrowed slightly, giving them an almost hawk-like look. He had an overall sharp appearance, from the eyes, to his facial structure, right down to his short, spiked white hair. Intense though he could be, it wasn't often that it was obvious, mostly when he was utterly serious.

"I'm just not happy unless there's a decent amount of conflict in my life," Gaelon said dryly, turning around to face him.

"You've got plenty of that, Draco, buddy."

"Don't make it sound worse than it is," Gaelon rolled his eyes. "Most of these things will resolve themselves...just takes time..."

"Yeah...You should come around to talk more often. Miss seeing you."

Gaelon nodded distantly. "I've missed seeing you guys, too, despite the messed up lives one tends to become a part of here. Though maybe if I become too stressed with your problems, the other ones will fix themselves."

Victor grinned a little. "Maybe."

"By the way, I've thought of a good solution for your little problem concerning a lack of transportation..."
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Subject:The subject line annoys me
Time:05:45 am
Current Mood:amusedamused
Kippur made me a new icon. I happened to make a comment about those shamrock things. I should have known better, but I didn't, so there it is. There are worse things, though, of which I will not speak, lest she get any more ideas.

It's not really that bad. I'd almost say that it's cute.
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Time:04:20 pm
Just one thing, Troven. I didn't want to distress Teena any further, for my brother's sake if absolutely nothing else, but I will tell you precisely why I even bothered to speak up. I don't know if you can get your head around the concept, but Teena belongs to Archer. He belongs to her. There is no one that can claim either of them. She is your adopted sister, so I've noticed, and you will always be her little brother/best friend, but she does not belong to you, nor will she ever. Not even in a "different way" than she belongs to Archer, which seems to suggest that you think that she belongs as much to you as she does him. Elven marriages are like this, and they are as completely bonded to each other as any pair of elves I've seen. I see that your idea of marriage isn't something that means you're dedicating yourself, your heart, to one person, but for other people, that's what it is.

Teena will apparently let you wallow about in ignorance and your fantasies, since you're happier that way. I personally find it to be highly annoying, but I won't say anything else about it. Not my business, is it...

If I've learned anything while I'm here, it's that those two are completely hopeless. You can at least save me the headaches of having to listen to your inane babble on this. I'm not an idiot. In fact, I bet that I know what you mean better than you do, and that's without using any telepathy.

That's it. Don't bother giving me the usual speeches about me minding my own business and how I'm wrong, etc. I just feel a need to say my piece somewhere, and I'm not overly interested in discussing it.
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Subject:New icon
Time:06:28 am
So I have a new icon. I still like the anime me one, but this one works too. My hair is not currently purple, as the tints there may suggest, but I did have it that way once. Isis said that the dark purple doesn't look bad on me, but it doesn't do much for my eyes.

At least no one will mistake me for a girl with this one, hmm?
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[icon] Gaelon
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